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Old?? Hell No! But Damn It... & How Was Your Summer?

Hey Everyone,

I must say it definitely feels good to be back. :)

After taking a long and much needed summer hiatus I am finally back with brand new post and taking a bit of a different approach this time around. This time around my post will be more honest and true to self; not that my prior posts haven't been true but there was usually a little sugar added on top as I was afraid about what others may have thought about what I had written.  After some soul searching I came to the conclusion that to become a better writer I must stay true to myself and give my audience 100% of my truth with no sugar added and that's what I want to bring to you this time around. I hope you all enjoy what's to come and ahead of time I would like to thank you all so much for reading.

With that said, how was everyone's summer?

I for one didn't do much traveling but spent great times with family and friends, ate lots, drank lots and partook in your usual summer activities.  The two things I wanted the most this summer was to learn how to ride a bike and take swimming lessons but the prices for both were ridiculous during the summer so decided to hold out until late fall/early winter. Btw, if anyone knows of any fairly priced adult swim classes in NYC please feel free to drop me a quick note in the comments section. :) Thanks!

During the month of August the hubs and I spent the majority of our time trying to figure out where we were going to go for a fun getaway combined with celebrating the hubs b-day.  We thought Vegas (one of our fave vaca spots,) The Hamptons, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, yada, yada, yada.  We thought about it and after being blessed enough to travel as much as we did last year and with some mild traveling coming up this year we thought we should just save some money and keep it local, so we settled on Foxwoods in Manhastucket, CT.  This getaway actually turned out to be a fun and relaxing four days which is exactly what we needed but of course as always I came home with a story to tell.

For those of you who don't know what Foxwoods is, it's a gambling resort casino, so you have gambling, as well as restaurants, clubs, spas, bowling, etc so definitely a fun escape that will not break the bank.  During the Tuesday night of our stay we decided to hit up club Shrine which is suppose to be the most happening spot on the east coast on Tuesday night.  The club itself is known to have celebrity clientele along with celebrity DJ's that get the spot jumping every week.  After conducting my research we decide to make this a fun way to end our trip so we mozied on over to The MGM and purchased our $20 tickets and off we went.

Let the silliness ensue. :)

Now before I get to the everyone looked like they were12 and possibly carrying fake ID's, lets first discuss how we were the first ones on the scene. 

According to the club website there hours of operation on Tuesday night is 9p-1a with the celebrity DJ of the night being DJ Rehab.  We had already figured we didn't want to be the first ones at the club (because who does that) but didn't want to be to late as four hours is really a short time to party, so we decide that we are going to arrive to the club around 10p.  Now in the normal world, there should be something popping off by now right, I mean it is a Tuesday night and the club is only open for four hours. We arrive to the club around 9:45pm ish which is still not to early but we walk in and quickly figure out that we are the first guest to arrive, wtf?? Noooo, this was not a part of the plan, who wants to be the first one at the club? Sigh, we grin and bear it since we did already hand in our tickets but damn it if that didn't make me feel old and confused like we were there to chaperone the damn place.

Since we were the first ones there and had nothing else to do, we decided to kill time and walk around the club for a bit. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that they weren't even set up yet, yes a double wammy.  Not only do I feel old for being the first one there but damn it, now I feel like I'm part of the crew but the overdressed mother of the little girls running around in tank tops and booty shorts, who I should be watching over to make sure they make it home by curfew. Sigh! 

Maybe this is how they give it up in CT, what the hell do I know. Maybe I am just some clueless woman who attends afterwork happy hours and is usually in bed by 11p on a Tuesday night, happily I might add, girl has work in the morning.

Anywho, we proceed to walk around the club, around the bar we go very, very, very slowly while watching the female servers set up and look at themselves in the bar "mirror", ok there was more looking in the mirror and less setting up but you get my point.  We continue to walk around and watch the foolishness ensue. Once again around the bar we go, ugh, why are we still walking there is no where to walk to...

The Mai Tai's were a great way to start off our trip, remembrance of Hawaii. :) High Rollers bowling alley was definitely lots of fun, I struck out a bunch of times but it gave me an excuse to have hubby help me out. ;) After warming up a bit, I was back in the game, lots of high fives ensued.  Also, I must give them props for there yummy Martinis. I was completely hooked.

We finally ask the bartender if we were allowed to hang out upstairs where what seems to be a lounge/restaurant but we were told that wasn't an option so she suggested we sit out in the sitting area outside by the fire pit to kill sometime until the "party" starts. Sigh!  We step out and oh hell no, it was like upper 40's that night so that was not an option.  At this point, with no where to walk to and nothing more to see besides well nothing, we decide to ask if we can leave and come back even though we gave in our tickets already. The cashier turns to the manager, ask what should I do, he looks confused, they ask us what time we are coming back, we say an hour or so, we get our tickets back and off we go.

We kill sometime by partaking in some gambling and eating some grub but decide to go back, we probably wouldn't have but since we did pay $20 each, why let our money go to waste.

We return sometime around 11p/11:30p ish, can't recall as I've had a few chocolate martinis at this point and I'm going with the flow. Anyway, we return and return see people on lineas well as inside, yay, other people. We jump back on line and hubby is like, "everyone looks like they just got out of college and just started hitting the club scene." Usually, I'll giggle and tell hubby, "oh stop," but this time around he was right on target.  Still keeping an open mind we proceed to enter, hit the bar, ordered our Long Islands (best club drink ever invented) and decide to walk around once again, I don't know why we are walking around this damn bar again but that's just the normal thing to do in a club so we proceed.  We find a nice corner to watch the DJ who is killing it by the way but in those first two minutes of watching him, a girl is getting escorted out due to her pure drunkenness, hold on, hubby and I look at each other with that face and wonder how in the hell she managed to get that **it faced in an hour, I mean, no one was here when we left. Interesting...

The greenery and the sunset views were the actual view from our room balcony, amazing! The food you see here is from David Burke's and it was delic, if you ever visit, go on Lobster night, $34 per person and you get an appetizer as well as dessert. Yes and thank you! :)

After enjoying the DJ for a few minutes, almost getting knocked down by two giggly girls running around the club because I guess it really was there first outing and trying to figure out why we look like the oldest ones here but are no where near old, after an hour we decided to call it quits.

I don't know if it was the we open at 9p but don't set up until 10p but close at 1a bit, the fact that everyone looked and acted like they were under 25 or that I felt like the overdressed mom although I was in a short summer dress and wedges (so that tells you allot) but I realized there is just certain **it I don't have the patience for and this was one of those moments.  

Being in our early 30's we are no where near old but I've realized there are certain scenes that aren't for me (except for Vegas, where all bets are off.) I love to go out and dance just as much as the next person but I think I'll stick with my 25 and over after work crowd. Especially since I will not be the first one at the club as the party has already started.

With all of the above said, I mean no offense at all to the under 25 crowd because at that age I'm sure I acted the same way, maybe, and would have found that scene fun and exciting but with getting older comes more maturity and less patience.

Still, even with this interesting club adventure, it was still a fun experience and a great trip and I wouldn't change a thing.

Bye Foxwoods, it's been fun.

Although you know you are no where near old, have you ever had an experience where you just felt that way?

Remember to leave your thoughts and comments below and also let me know what fun trips/getaways you took the summer.

Thanks for reading and remember to check out my jewelry on Etsy.

Hope you enjoyed the pics.

~Positively Jewls

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