Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Is Society Really Promoting This Mess??

I was on the train yesterday casually reading my Cosmo mag and I came across this article titled, "The Cheating Diaries," with the explanation reading, "two men and two women reveal why they strayed and how they pulled off their secret hookups without getting caught." Not thinking to much of it, I began reading and very quickly began to become irritated. While reading I thought I would hear more along the lines of, yes I got away with it but I feel guilty, this was the outcome and why it's not worth it.  Not only did I get none of that but instead I was reading about affairs that are taking place until this day and instead of guilt coming through the pages, there was more excitement coming through then anything else from these people because they hadn't gotten caught...yet!

You had the married couple with kids, the wife began cheating as she felt her and her husband had checked out of their marriage so she began sleeping with a man who was also married, this story was just some "Unfaithful," Diane Lane mess, which by the way was a great movie if you haven't seen it. Then there was the married guy who travels allot for business and cheats on his wife with the ex girlfriend and at one point thinks about getting two phones so he can keep his lie straight.  Then there is the fiancee who states her fiance is perfect in every way but the sex isn't up to par so she is sleeping with a woman and the list goes on.  

While reading this article I also thought about the show Betrayal which is based on two married couples with one spouse sleeping with the other.  Now, although the movies and TV shows are just for pure entertainment it seems that people are forgetting how to separate the two.  People tend to forget that this is real life and shit gets real messy, real quick. That may be why the article bothered me at most because with this, along with some reality situations we see on TV and Internet dating sites for married people looking to cheat, it feels like part of society is promoting this mess.  Instead of sharing why affairs are messy and not worth it, we are instead getting tips on how to pull it off and supposedly never get caught. These are not situations to be taken lightly and those involved need to be thinking about more then just themselves and their temporary excitement.

People in today's society seriously need to get back into reality and out of this fantasy world they are living in.  By all means, people make mistakes but to carry on something for so long without any remorse, there is just no excuse for that.

Have people forgotten how much karma really is a bitch and the grass isn't always greener?  The excitement may seem fantastic for now but what happens in the dark always comes to light and in the end one way or another you may just pay for your indiscretions.

Thank you all so very much for reading and remember to leave your thoughts and comments below.

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