Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How Will They Know??..

Yesterday, I met up with the bestie for lunch and we had an enlightening conversation regarding friendships, betrayal, forgiveness, etc.  Within that conversation the bestie brought up something that enlightened me and made me think about how friendships and relationships are handled when a not so nice situation has entered the horizon and the proper way that situation should be handled.

We were talking about how she felt that one of her girlfriends betrayed her in the past but after running into that old friend recently she started to think maybe she should have handled things differently.  See, she had about an eight year friendship with this person and learned allot from said friend through the years and through those years they were there for each other through life's ups and the downs. Unfortunately, sometime last year her friend put her nose in where it didn't belong and opened her lips when she shouldn't have and the end result was my bestie stepping away from that friendship.  

Fast forward to this week and my friend began to question if she put herself in that situation with her friend as she thought maybe she should have taken more responsibility and not given so much of her personal business away.  No, her girlfriend didn't have the right to blab all her business but she wouldn't have had much to blab about if she wasn't given so much to go on because as we all know, some people just talk to much.  She also wondered that maybe if she had been a little more upfront about the situation and how it made her feel then maybe the friendship would have never fallen apart and said friend would have learned from her mistake.  

Well it turns out that she has decided to forgive her friend and move on while slowly salvaging the relationship they had as it truly wasn't all bad and she feels that the two of them can now learn from each others mistakes. She now knows to handle things differently with future relationships because if it's worth saving then it's best to speak up because otherwise, how will the other person know what they have done wrong if you don't tell them.

Personally, I have had my fair share of ups and downs with friends as well and have walked away from some without telling them why.  Some of these "friendships" were not worth saving so I really could care less but there were a small few that could have been saved if I handled things differently. The end result is that it's never to late to tell a person why and if the relationship is worth saving, then it's worth saying.

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