Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Don't We All Have Our Inner "White Voice??"

As you all know our boy Kanye West has taken a residency in the media due too all sorts of antics but most recently his white voice comment has rubbed people the wrong way.  This all started when people noticed his voice had changed particularly during recent interviews with certain folks, (think Leonard from BBT) and at first many thought it was a voice over but nope, it was him.  During a recent radio show he explained this new found voice of his and he called it his "white voice."  He goes on to explain something about the corporate world, people taking you seriously in certain situations, so on and so forth.  I personally laughed at this statement and got where he was coming from but unlike myself many people were up in arms, calling him crazy, a sell out, etc but I became confused thinking to myself "don't we all have that voice?"

Although Kanye's delivery and the use of the term "white voice" was wrong some of what he said actually made sense.  Now, personally I wouldn't call this voice the "white voice" instead I would call it the "Corporate America" voice. Using the term white voice just turns this into a racial thing and damn it we already have enough of that going around. Also, I have a few white friends of my own that don't use this voice but know many people of different racial backgrounds that do. Those who were pissed off by his statement really need to think about the truth behind the statement.

When you watch comedy skits from the 80's up until now, you will always hear about the homey from the hood who speaks one way in the street but does an entire 180 when he is at his 9-5 in the corporate world. If we weren't so sensitive about it then, why be so sensitive about it now?  Could it be that those who were so angry are just mad because the truth was said out loud.  In certain situations you must carry yourself a certain way and use a certain terminology even if it does go against the grain.  Truthfully, at the end of day we all have bills to pay and if that little switch of a voice gets us that paycheck then so be it, at least until you can do otherwise.

So you tell me, do you believe this statement is true or just complete non-sense?

Thank you all so much for reading and remember to leave your thoughts and comments below.

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