Sunday, June 23, 2013

Married....Not Blind...

Let me start this by saying I am happily married to my best friend, lover and husband and not only is he all of these things but he is my sexy as all heck little piece of peronal eye candy. That feeling not only goes for me but the same for him as he tells me how sexy I am all the time, hehe, love my life.  With that said, we are not blind to the beauty/sexiness of others, that doesn't mean we will step out of our marriage and run off with the next sexy thing but to give someone else a compliment or tell each other that someone else is attractive isn't a big deal in our book. Although we are cool with it, that doesn't stand true for others because from experience it seems that some may think that if you are in a committeed relationship that you are not allowed to find someone else attractive.

I remember being at a friends gathering not to long ago, husbands included and the women and I were having a conversation about the sexy men we like in the industry and while we were talking, one of our  friends comes out and says, "uh oh, trouble in paradise?".. so I respond "now what now??" this point I am giving this person the crazy side eye.   I don't get it, why would someone think there is something wrong in your household just because you find someone else attractive? My husband and I compliment others in front of each other and will ask each others opinion because we ARE that secure in our relationship. 

God gave us eyes to see and to act like your blind to the beauty of others just because you are married or in a relationship is just silly and immature.  If you are secure with yourself and your relationship then complimenting others should be no big deal.

Now I ask you all, is it wrong to compliment others or think others are sexy when you are in a marriage/committeed relationship?

Thank you all so much for reading and remember to leave your thoughts and comments below.

~Positively Jewls

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