Monday, June 3, 2013

Does The Bullying Ever Stop??

Besides writing my own blog I so much enjoy the writing of others, whether it be about basic life issues or pure entertainment. What saddens me at times are the comments that are left by other so called adults. What always boggles my mind is that some of those comments can just be out right disgusting and bullying towards others and I try to figure out that as an adult how can one act this way. .

For example, lets take into account a post I remember reading on a very popular blog called Clutch Magazine and it was about a woman who made a huge decision to have her ex husband raise their two boys.  Now, I didn't know this woman personally but just from her words I could tell it was a very hard decision for her to make but it was the best decision for her children. Instead of her being applauded for making a huge non-selfish decision that was in the best interest of her kids, she instead was downgraded by many who stated that she was a no good mother and how dare she give up her kids even if she couldn't handle, she shouldn't have had them if she couldn't take care of them, etc.  Not only were some of these comments disgusting but I thought to myself if the woman came across these comments herself it would probably hurt like hell as she chose this decision to share with others to help them not to be bashed. 

My whole thinking was, if the people posting these negative comments truly understood where she was coming from they would have understood that she was still a huge part of her son's life and she and the ex-husband actually had a good co-parenting relationship.  The major upside was that her sons were thriving, doing great in school and in turn they were actually encouraging their mom to do bigger and greater things. In turn, their father was teaching them how to grow up and be men and the writer herself/mom was back in school to make a better life for herself and her children.  Now if people took the time to see the positive in her particular decision (as it obviously wasn't an easy one) then maybe they would have understood but instead some preferred to take the bully route.

Now on the entertainment side of things, I see all types of mess, from people bullying preganant Kim K, yes I did bring up Kim Kardashian because to say someone is a waste of space especially when they are doing nothing but doing them is completely unnecessary.  People even go as far as downgrading one's child, how can an adult degrade someone's child, a beautiful child that can't defend themselves. 

For people to take the time out of their day to say such hateful things is honestly just pathetic and wrong.  It's unfortunate but I in a way I get it because to be a bully and pick on others just means you have a problem with yourself.  In the end these people are suppose to be grown people but as I always say age is nothing but a number and unfortunately, the majority of these adults stopped mentally growing in middle school. 

Positive Note: Remember, all the terrible things you say about another will come back to you one way or another and as everyone knows, karma is a B, so if you have nothing positive to say or even something constructive they it may be best to say nothing at all.

Thank you all for reading and make sure to leave your comments below.

~Positively Jewls

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