Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pretty Colors...Roses..Hearts...Sparkle...Oh My!

I ordered these beautiful beads and components last Friday and as always they were delivered right on time. I fell in love with the large heart components online but they are even more beautiful in person. My sketches are ready and I am so excited to build some new pieces and present them to you all on my up and coming Etsy shop.  I just finished my first set and can't wait to make more.  

Make sure to follow me on Instagram to check out all the new pieces as they're being made.

Thanks so much for reading everyone. :)

~Positively Jewls


  1. These are lovely! Looking forward seeing your creations :)

    Ely xx

    1. Thanks Ely and thank you for stopping by. I just put up the first two pieces on Instagram. :)