Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Take Charge...

Last week we spoke about your pockets being full but this week I would like to continue on and discuss taking charge and knowing your worth.

This past weekend I had an awesome ladies night (as always :)) with all of my girlfriends and I love
each of them because well they are awesome and they each have a small characteristic that reminds me of the good within myself. When getting together we speak about anything and everything and one of the topics that came up this time around revolved around money, the workplace and knowing your worth.  While discussing what was going on with one of my particular friends it justified for all of us even more why you should take charge of not only your pockets but your happiness as well.
When speaking with one of my close friends we began to discuss her current job and career. When this particular friend first began her current job she was soooo excited, especially because this establishment is under the name of one of her fav icons. I remember being so excited for her when she got the job because she was just so happy and in a short time she went from being a part timer to basically running the show and that is when more money began to fill her pockets. Although at that time she was very happy with her new title and salary, in a short time things suddenly started to change for the worse.

Fast forward to the present, that same job she was so happy about she is now miserable. Although the money is great, her boss is a jerk, she's doing her job as well as everyone else's job and the environment itself is just miserable. No one person comes into that place with a positive outlook as every single person comes there not because they want to be there but only because for now it pays the bills. Enough was enough and my darling friend went home that evening to revamp her resume and look for something that not only helps to pay the bills but a place where she would be appreciated. She is now taking charge of her life as she now  knows that her happiness is worth more then what's going in her pockets.

I was so proud when my friend decided to make this decision as this is the exact same thing I would have done and have done myself.

This goes to show you that you must always remember that money will always be there but taking charge and knowing your worth will make it that much greater to receive.

Are you settling at a job where you are miserable because it pays well? Are you taking charge and know your worth?
Thank you all so much for reading and feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

~Positively Jewls

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