Friday, October 5, 2012

Easier Said??

A while back I came across a quote that stated, "Those who are sure of the outcome will wait and wait without anxiety." Although I strongly and truly believe in this there will also be those times when I have my moments and wonder, what if? Well yesterday I had one of those moments and I started to wonder, is waiting without anxiety easier said then done?

My goal in life is to become a full time writer and jewelry maker amongst other things and have free time to do what I want, when I want.  Although this is what I want for the future, for now I am working as a full time Administrative Asst a.k.a Office Manager while I work towards my goals.  Now don't get me wrong, I work with a great group of guys who can sometimes drive me crazy but none the less its a great place to work and with so many people out of work I am extremely grateful to have my job.  Although I am very grateful, it's not my goal in life to sit behind a desk for the the rest of my life and I've seen first hand how many people have gotten stuck because they gave up on what they really wanted. In the next ten years at most I would love to say that I am a successful writer and jewelry maker but I know it's not going to be an easy goal to accomplish and when thinking of this the anxiety kicked in.

I had a freak out session yesterday because the stupid what ifs popped into my head. In regards to this blog for instance,  I have 50 readers a day which may sound like a small or big number to some but my mind started working overtime and I started to think, Why don't I have more?-Will I ever have more?-Will I ever be able to get an article published, a book published? Eek! Then with jewelry making I panicked a bit as I wondered, Will the positivity I am trying to bring forth through my jewelry be accepted by the masses? Yes, I was definitely having a moment yesterday which is so out of character for me but maybe it was the hormones, who knows.

My husband (god bless him for his patience and realness) told me to basically calm the hell down, lol, not in those words but that's what he meant. He sat me down and made me say things out loud by asking me specifically what my plan was, what kind of writer do I want to be, who or what is the target market for my jewelry. Although I became annoyed for like two seconds with all the questions, I then took a break and realized that he helped me to get myself back in check and put things into prospective.   He asked me the questions, made me answer them out loud, gave me his support and reminded me to just continue to believe in myself no matter how long it takes.

I constantly remind myself that these goals of mine will not happen without hard work and it will not happen overnight or within a year but it will happen if I truly believe in myself and what I am bringing to the table.  Due to this uplifting conversation, I woke up today feeling good and back to my normal happy self,  anxiety  subsided and the belief and confidence that I can once again, wait and wait without anxiety because I know in my heart my dreams will come true.
Are you waiting and waiting without anxiety? Is it easier said then done? How do you calm down and bring yourself back to your positive outlook?
Thanks you all so much for reading and please be sure to leave your thoughts and comments below.

~Positively Jewls


  1. Inspiring, just clicked the follow button.
    ''Good things come to those who wait''
    No. Good things come to those who work their asses off :). So keep chasing your dreams and work for it, dedication pays off.
    It is good to have just a little bit anxiety, it keeps you alert.

    Good luck with your jewellery line girl!

    That's Beauty, part of
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    1. Hi jazzy, thanks so much for reading and commenting as your comments are very true. Can't expect to receive anything when doing nothing.

      Thanks for the best wishes on the jewelry line and I have also followed you via blog lovin.

      Your site is awesome! Thanks again for reading. :-)