Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cherish The Moments...

While spending time with my loved ones over the summer I have come to realize how at times it can be hard to find time to just breathe, let alone enough time to spend with the ones we love.  When that time finally does come around it's definitely something that should be cherished. 

Due to the unknown, a.k.a, life, we must remember not to take advantage of those we love and care about but instead cherish the moments we have together. It's best not to be the kind of relative who only calls when you need money or a babysitter, don't be the type of friend that only shows up when you are single and lonely or wanting to gossip.   Don't argue about petty things, hold on to grudges or say things you can't take back.  Unfortunately, once you have taken these routes you may do or say things that are irreversible and detrimental to a relationship and you then come to wonder if the foolishness or your own stupidity was really worth it.

Now, does this mean to hold on to a toxic relationship or a friendship that has run it's course?.. of course not. Instead, it means to hold on to those relationships that have value and meaning because as we all know, life is to short for the foolishness.

Do you cherish all of the valuable relationships you have or do you at times take advantage without noticing?

Thank you all so very much for reading and be sure to leave your thoughts and comments below.
~Positively Jewls

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