Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Take Time To Yourself and Shut It Off...

We are so busy as women and finding time to ourselves may not be the easiest task at times.  This weekend I really needed that quiet time and realized the best way to achieve this was simply shutting off my cell phone. 

All of us have a tendency not to realize how much the cell phone is connected to our hips and at times for no reason.  You have alarms going off, text messages, unnecessary phone calls and your probably looking at it every two seconds for god knows what.  Simply shutting off your cell phone will give you and your mind a break. 

Try shutting off your phone one day a week as it will make a world of difference and give you that quiet time you so need and deserve.  Trust me, if there is really an emergency that person or persons will find you and if it isn't, then whatever it is can wait until the next day. Put the cell phone down ladies, put it down.

Are you one of many that consider the cell phone your life? When you actually do take the time to shut it off, does it feel good or feel like you about to lose your mind?

Thanks you all so much for reading and feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.

 ~Positively Jewls

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