Monday, September 24, 2012

No One Can Define You...But You...Part 2...

Within the first installment of No One Can Define You, I shared with you the foolishness that I encountered a couple of weeks ago but within this post I would like to discuss with you the opposite side of the negative foolishness.

This past Friday I was walking out of my office building and the security guard (another woman) tells me, "Wow, Shamika you look great, you lost weight."  I of course take the compliment, say thank you and feel good because I'm thinking to myself those toning workouts at the gym are paying off. Go me! :) It also feels very good when women can compliment another woman with nice words and actually mean them.

After receiving this very nice compliment I thought to myself, what if I was the type of individual that took what the not so nice lady said about me just the week before.  Would I have even felt good after receiving such a nice compliment, would I have brushed it off by instead of saying thank you, saying something like, you think so?

Instead of second guessing the way I feel inside and out I instead took the compliment and rolled with it.  Once again, keeping my head up high and not letting one's negative comments define me.  Instead, I continue to remind myself that some people don't know what to say out their mouths, some like to tare others down to make themselves feel good, so on and so forth.

This goes to show us once again and as stated before, no one can define you but you. Those who choose to bring negativity into your space shall keep it moving, those who want to bring positive thoughts and words are more then welcome to but all that matters at the end of day is how you feel about you.

Thank you all so very much for reading and be sure to leave your thoughts and comments below.
~Positively Jewls

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