Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Your Private Life is Your Business, Isn't It?

In the past I brought up a topic referring to what you tell will only give you feedback you didn't want or ask for. Within this current topic, I would like to bring up another aspect of telling your business, in the sense that if it's your business, are you really obligated to tell all?

For me personally, that answer is simply, NO...
The reason I brought this topic up today is because through the years I have come across others who will try to pressure you into telling all your business by asking a thousand questions to pry answers out of you. I have also come across others who like to tell all of their business and because they have done so they expect you to do the same. Well, as I get older, I have learned that I am not obligated to tell anyone anything if it doesn't have any effect on them. My private life is just that, mine.

You may be the type of person like myself who will divulge the things you feel comfortable with telling others while keeping other aspects of your life to yourself. Personally, I do this because I feel that I'm not obligated to tell anyone anything unless I choose to. The are some who will agree with what I'm saying and those who will totally disagree.

The ones that disagree may consist of someone like your best friend, close relative or whomever and because you don't tell them every single aspect of your life they become upset as they feel you're just keeping secrets. Let's define what a secret is, shall we...... according to Dictionary.com- done, made, or conducted without the knowledge of others: secret negotiations. 

Now that we have that lovely definition, it just goes to show you, unless you are doing something that has to do with someone else and doing so without their knowledge, then yes, that is keeping a secret.  Otherwise, what you do or go through in your private life that has no adverse effect on anyone else is your business and your business to keep.

With the above said, have you had to grapple in life with telling your business to others? Have you ever felt pressured to do so or guilty for not doing so?
Thanks you all so very much for reading and feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.
~Positively Jewls

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