Friday, August 10, 2012

Take The Compliment....

Have you ever been in a situation where someone gives you a compliment and instead of saying a simple thank you, you downplay it? Well like the majority of people, the answer is probably, yes... Unfortunately most people downplay a compliment because they feel they are not worthy of it, at least not at that moment.

Many years ago I use to be one of those people but through the years I have learned to just say thank you when receiving a compliment because it can definitely make you feel good. Think about it, why would someone give you a compliment if they didn't mean it? Wouldn't they just keep their mouths shut?

When someone says, "You look beautiful today," instead of answering with a question like, "You think so?" Instead, say thank you because simply doing that will make u feel a 100 times better. There are probably times when are just running to the store in a pair of sweats, feeling a hot ass mess (I've been there) and someone takes that time to say you are beautiful, what the hell, take it and roll with it by saying thank you.

When you have created or accomplished a project and someone states to you that you have done a great job, don't answer with, well I probably could have done this better, once again, say thank you, believe in the fact that took did do a great job and be proud. You can take that negative thought you may have had and turn it into a positive by just telling yourself you will use that idea on your next project.

Believe it or not, compliments can go a long way and can change your negative attitude at that moment into a positive. Just take the compliment and roll with it as it will make a world of difference.

Do you take your compliments by being proud and saying thank you? Or.... Do you downplay those compliments as if they don't matter?

Thank you all so much for reading and remember to leave your thoughts and comments below.
~Positively Jewls

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