Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bringing That Rawness & More...SYTYCD Inspiration..

I was suppose to bring up another topic today but thought I would discuss the inspiration I received when watching, "So You Think You Can Dance," last night. For those of you who watch the show you know how entertaining and fun the show can be but the inspiration you can also obtain from it is phenomenal.

Just remember, I will only discuss shows if there is an inspiration or positive thought I bring from it so please note that this is not a recap. :)
When Cyrus finished his dance last night the judges mentioned they loved him not because he was the best dancer but because of the rawness and feeling he brings to his dances. The judges specifically stated to him, "You are not dancing because you think you should dance, you're dancing because you need to dance."

I took so much from that statement alone because to me that meant to just follow your passion and put all you have into it. You may not be the perfect dancer, writer, actor, jewelry maker, athlete, etc but when you put all you have into your dream others will begin to take notice. They will start to take notice because they will feel that rawness and passion you bring to the table.  They will feel a sense of relief as they will know you are doing something not because you think it's what you should be doing but because it's what you need to be doing.

I love writing and making jewelry but aside from that one of my number one dreams is dance and  at times when watching this show in the past, I would kick myself for not pursuing a career in dance.  Although I wanted to kick myself at times, I keep reminding myself, I don't need a career to dance, I want and need to dance so I just do it. Whether it be through classes or the latest Wii dance game, I am still fulfilling one of my passions. 

Living your dream is not about becoming a millionaire, its about giving your 100% and feeling a sense of fulfillment. It's about giving that rawness that no one will ever forget and if you become an overnight sensation along the way, even better.

What is the dream that you are fighting for even though you may not be "perfect" at it just yet? Are you giving your 100%?  Are you bringing that authentic rawness to the table?

Thank you all so very much for reading and remember to leave your thoughts and comments below.

~Positively Jewls

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