Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Advice For Your Past Self... Yes, No, Maybe So?

Over the weekend I had another chance to watch a great YouTube series called, "Dating Rules From My Future Self," Season 1. I must have been under a rock since I've been missing these awesome YouTube series and yes, this was a seriously lazy weekend so it was definitely the perfect time to discover new things. :) 

Now back to the topic at hand...

While watching the show, as usual I started thinking, would I really want to give any advice in general to my past self before doing what was about to be done? I would have to say the answer for me personally would be a no and that is because I would want to let my self trip up and make mistakes, really stupid mistakes but in the end learn from them. Whether we want to admit it to ourselves or not, we all go through things in life for a reason and although you may not know exactly why at that moment, as you grow older you will look back and say to yourself..That's why!

There is really no need to give advice to our past selves because if you think about it you probably woke up, pulled off that wrong side of the rode and continued on to the right side.

When we reminisce about giving advice to our past selves it kind of takes it's own form and we may soon start to live with regret, asking ourselves why did we do this and that. That makes you wonder is giving advice to our past selves benefiting us or causing us to live with regret?

Have you written that past letter to yourself and if so did it give closure, cause good or harm? Like myself, do you believe that things in your past happened for a reason and advice too your old self just isn't necessary?

Thank you all so much for reading and remember to leave your thoughts and comments below.

~Positively Jewls


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  2. Hi Carolina,

    Thanks so much for reading my blog and the awesome compliment on my writing. You've made my morning. :)

    I have checked out your blog and it's very cool, plus the photos are awesome. I'm now following you. :)

    Thanks again for reading!