Monday, June 25, 2012

Why Give Up?

Some of you may care and some of you may not but it recently came out in the news that Johnny Depp and long time girlfriend/mother of his children Vanessa Paradis are splitting up after 14 years together.  Yes, I know in Hollywood many couples rarely last but there a few who actually make it to the double digits and it causes one to think they are actually in it to win it.  Now of course these things happen in what we call the "real world" but it makes me wonder, if you made it thus far, why give up now?

Now, of course, there are many factors that play into being in a long term relationship and it's not always lollipops and bubble gum.  The only thing is that when you have been together for soooo long, you will have your ups and downs but you will find a way to surpass them which equates to keeping your relationship in tact and making it stronger then what it was. At least that's what I hope happens with many but I can only speak from my perspective.

Now, lets make something clear, I am not referring to couples who have been miserable with their significant other for years for whatever reason and they have tried to make it work but found love just wasn't enough.  I'm not judging and like I always say, "you never know what goes on behind close doors," but I wonder for the couples that come off as happy and actually express that when asked and light up when talking about the other (like Johnny and Vanessa,) what changes at the drop of a hat that you would just say, fuck it, I'm done.

I recently became a married woman myself and have been with my husband for seven years prior to that and lord knows we have had our ups and downs but it's made us stronger through the years and has made us love each other even more. 

I have heard an older couple once say, "When you find the right person the highs are the best and the lows don't even matter."

Does it make it easier to walk away when you're not married? If you are married, does it make you fight harder to stay together?

Thank you so much for reading and make sure to leave your thoughts and comments below.

~Positively Jewls

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