Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Should Marriage Change You?

Oh ladies, ladies, ladies my mind has been boggled for the last week.  Hubby and I have a wedding date approaching in three weeks, woo hoo, Hawaii here we come :) but there have been some comments made about marriage in general that has me all types of confused.

See, hubby and I consider marriage to be taking the next step in our relationship, becoming one under God, forming a bond that nothing or no one can break, and committing ourselves to each other wholeheartedly.  With all of that good stuff said we don't feel our relationship or us as individuals should change just because of marriage.  Yes, we will continue to grow together and take on more responsibilities as a married couple but should we completely change who we are?

Let's take for example, should my change of dress go from sexy/classy to more demure? Should he stop his casual/sporty look and go for more of a suit and tie look?  Should his as well as your group of friends completely change?

These questions may sound silly to some but these are some of the comments I have come across lately.  My thought is, you may want to change some things as you grow but that should be a personal choice and not for just the sake of marriage.  If you completely change yourself for marriage then your partner is not marrying the same person he met and has been with for the past few years and vice versa. 

Should you change who you are after marriage or should the only thing that changes (once again your personal choice) be your last name?

Thank you so much for reading and remember to leave your thoughts and comments below.

~Positively Jewls
Thank you

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