Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lifestyle Makes A Difference...

I'm back  from wedding planning and going full force with my jewelry, yayyyyy! The New Year is bringing great blessings my way and I hope it's doing the same for you.

Moving on... Bring a bit of inspiration your way...

I have told many how my goal is to live to be 100 years old but only if I can take care of myself. Although I may feel this way, there are many who truly believe that it isn't possible to make it past 70 without someone taking care of you. Well it turns out that these nay-sayers are so wrong.

Speaking to a new friend this past Sunday, I was impressed and in awe at how her 89-year-old mother takes care of herself with no help needed. At 89 years old, she exercises, loves sports, eats properly, travels and can conduct a yoga pose better than most 30 year olds.

Another example is actress Betty White who is one of the most energetic and feisty 89 year olds I have ever seen.

These two women are living proof that your lifestyle makes a difference in the way you age. Stress free should be at the top of your list, along with eating right and exercise. Also, lets not forget sleep, beauty sleep is key to preserving the sexy as you age.

These two women are definitely an inspiration and it goes to show you that age is only a number.

~Positively Jewls

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