Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Learning How to Love Yourself Before You Can Love Others...

Simply put, if you can't or don't love yourself then it's not possible to love anyone else.  You may start to look for someone to bring love into your life but you probably will not find it because you haven't found your love from within.  Putting yourself first is the key to finding the happiness and love you so deserve.

Just think about it, if you don't know who you are and what you want out of life then how can you make the decisions about what you want from another person?  For some, just learning how to love thyself is a difficult task but there are simple steps you can take to make it happen.

The first step is admitting you have a problem in the first place. If you know in your heart that you have to be in tune with your star player before entering into a relationship it will save you from a relationship of self destruction.  This is because once you are in a relationship and don't admit to yourself that you have a problem many insecurities will start to surface and things will get ugly as time goes along.

Next, you want to work toward a goal that makes you feel complete and gives you enough confidence to thrive.  At times you can feel like a relationship will make you complete but the only thing that can make you feel complete is you and that relationship is just a bonus.  When you achieve goals on your own it will help you to achieve self sufficiency on your own and it will build your confidence and self esteem.  This way when you finally do get into a relationship it will be from choice and not from the neediness of you needing someone to make you feel whole and complete.

Lastly and this may be the tough one because as women we are natural caregivers, don't feel like you are responsible for another person's happiness.  If you permit yourself to feel like you are responsible for someone's else's happiness then it will just breed insecuity and resentment which will cause you to take two steps back.

The above simple steps are all you need to start loving yourself and once you are to that level of happiness on your own you can then start loving others the right way.

Do you agree that you can only truly love someone if you love yourself?  Can a relationship survive if one of the parties doesn't truly love themselves?

Thank you so much for reading and be sure to leave your thoughts and comments below.

~Positively Jewls

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