Tuesday, October 11, 2011

No More I'm Sorries...

As women we tend to say sorry quite often even if we have done absolutely nothing wrong.  Ladies if you catch yourself doing this all the time then it is time to stop.

I came across this revelation when I noticed I was saying it quite often myself.  This then opened my eyes to how much women say it general.  We will apologize for simple things like missing a friends phone call or for simply getting sick and having to miss a day of work.  Why say sorry you a missed call when you were probably just busy,  instead, simply call the person back without apologizing when you get the chance.  Why say sorry for being sick, it's not like you caught the cold on purpose

Take notice throughout the day and pay attention to how many times you say sorry for the most silliest things.  Now if you have seriously done something wrong like sending out the wrong files to a client at work then yes you apologize.  Just remember not everything merits an i'm sorry and it can seriously just become annoying to the person or people you keep saying sorry to for no reason.

Take notice to how women and men respond differently.  Notice how something happens in a man's life and if he had no control over it you don't see him saying sorry 20x over.  He will take heed to it and move on.  That approach is the same approach we should have as women. 

Are you always on the I'm Sorry train or do you just let it go?

Thank you so very much for reading and make sure to leavey our thoughts and comments below.

~Positively Jewls

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