Monday, October 24, 2011

No Communication=No Trust=No Relationship???

The two most important aspects of any relationship are communication and trust.  Without these two aspects can your relationship really survive?

Many tend to ignore the fact that if there is no communication within the relastionship it will more then likely not survive.  This is because you will always be playing the guessing game with each other.  The both of you will start to have this notion in your mind that the other is hiding something and this is when the roller coaster ride of emotion begins. Once this roller coaster ride of guessing games begins it will lead down a path of not trusting each other.  Some may think you can trust your partner even if you have communication issues but if you really trusted each other wouldn't you be able to confide in and communicate with one another?

If you are not confiding in and communicating with your partner then you are building grounds for an unhappy and unhealthy relationship.  Simply put, no communication will lead to no trust which in the end will lead to no relationship.  If this is the rode you two are headed down and it's not what you want then it's time to change it.

Is your relationship on the non-communication track and if it is, what are you doing to change  it?

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~Positively Jewls

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