Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Love and Appreciate Getting Older...

Fab ones it's time to love every birthday and appreciate every year of getting older.  I am almost a month away from my 30th bday and I'm so excited to see what my 30's have to offer. You may not share this same sentiment as you get older but it's time you start.

Don't think of aging as getting old, think of it as becoming more fab, wiser, stronger and even more beautiful.  Through the years you learn allot about yourself and with age brings more confidence.  Not only does age bring more confidence but it brings experience and with experience you bring knowledge to others.  Getting older is a beautiful thing and should be embraced with your head held high as it's just the beginning of fabness and not even close to the end. Have you not seen the Angela Bassett's, Jennifer Aniston's and JLO's of the world?  They make getting older look pretty damn fab.

It's time to stop thinking you are old and have no life to live every time a year passes you by.  If you are not living and enjoying each new year of getting older then you're not alive.

Thank you all so very much for reading and please make sure to leave your thoughts and comments below.
~Positively Jewls

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