Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Diet, NO..Healthy Lifestyle, YES...

We can become so obsessed with diets when those pounds start to creep up and it will literally drive us crazy as Diet #2 may not work as well as Diet #1, etc.  We'll go on many different crazy diets depriving us of the things we love, we'll lose the weight and once the weight is off we go back into the same bad eating habits that brought us to the diet in the first place.  At this point the pounds then to start to creep back on us and now we are back to the same silly diet plan once again.  This roller coaster ride is the reason why I can't stand the word diet, instead I prefer to live a healthy lifestyle, by eating in moderation and exercising, amonst no stress . 
Conduct some research if necessary and see what is the right lifestyle for your body shape.  Getting into the habit of eating right and exercising is a piece of cake and when you do have that piece of cake (once in a while) you will not feel guilty about it. 

Get on track to a healthy lifestyle and kick that dreadful word diet to the curb.

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~Positively Jewls

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