Thursday, September 1, 2011

Career, Marriage & Then Baby?

I am finally back from my me time/sleep time that I so needed but glad to be back to discuss fab topics with my fab ones. :)

By now you have all heard about Beyonce's pregnancy with hubby JayZ and of course the Internet world went crazy when this news came about.  Along with this baby news came comments from celebrities, fans and non-fans alike. 

There were many comments in regards to Beyonce's baby news but I took notice to how many took defense to this comment from Justin Dior Combs (Diddy's son): Beyonce dated, married, THEN got pregnant... young ladies take notes. Many took defense to this stating that Justin's parents aren't married so he has not right to say this, some stated it was 2011 and you don't have to be married or with the baby's father to raise your child. 

My take on this was that Justin wasn't trying to offend anyone as his mom is a single mom but maybe thinks this is the ideal way to go and for all we know his mom may have taught him this herself.  I personally was relieved to hear Justin's comment especially coming from a young man his age, I believe he is 17 now or somewhere around there. Maybe this is something he wanted for his family but unfortunately that wasn't the case.  It may not affect him now but it may have been a major factor when he was younger especially if he had friends with families intact.  I also feel, yes, it is 2011 but what is wrong with promoting career, marriage and then a baby?  Personally, I like the idea of building your career before baby because you are more content with knowing who you are and where you are going in life.  In, turn you are more financially stable and mentally stable to care for a baby because you are less stressed about what your next move will be.  If you are married before baby that is excellent as well but I do stress the fact that it should be a happy marriage because an unhappy marriage equals an unhappy family.  Being happily married is a major plus because when your baby is brought into this world he/she will be brought into a stable environment where both mom and dad are present. 

With so many young girls having babies today and having to raise their baby alone that alone should be a huge reason to promote career, marriage and then baby.  This will teach young women of today to get to know who they are first, finding the one they want to have a family with and making sure they feel the same and then taking steps to start a family. I am not knocking those who are single mothers but instead I commend you as my mom was one herself but I also know from watching my mom that it isn't easy.

I do ask this question, if you are a single mom and if you could have done things differently, would you? 

You know where I stand ladies but where do you stand?

Thank you all so much for reading and please make sure to leave your thoughts and comments below.

~Positively Jewls

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